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VLearn Technologies: We Provide SAP Testing, SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (SAP TAO), HP Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM), HP Business Process Testing, Quick Test Professional (QTP 11.0), HP Quality Center 11, SAP ERP Testing, SAP Automation using Tools, Automation Tools.


SAP ERP Services Providing specialized SAP Testing Services expertise and support to the SAP Automation Projects utilizing best practices to develop, implement and establish both manual and automated testing throughout the System Life Cycle for SAP systems.


SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (TAO) Application for Business Process Testing. The SAP Test Acceleration Optimization (TAO) Application is utilized to automatically create test components, uploads test components to HP Quality Center to compose Test Cases and run automated tests against an SAP system. The SAP TAO provides a workflow process for managing accelerated testing, facilitates and manages SAP and HP System Connections across various SAP & HP test environments, automates the management of Transaction Screen Inspections for selected SAP transactions and SAPGUI, facilitates the migration of testing components in and out of Quality Center, automates end to end business process testing solutions based upon the definition of Business Blue Prints contained in SAP Solution Manager.


SAP Quality Center & HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) are integrated with SAP Solution Manager to facilitate the exchange of information/data between these two tools to expedite the creation of SAP Test Plans, to insure test coverage of SAP business processes within manual or automated tests is achieved, downloading of SAP test requirements into Quality Center directly from the business blueprint contained in SAP Solution Manager to reduce costs & errors, minimize the effort to perform testing related change impact analysis for the SAP Change Requests in Solution Manager, To develop the Testing Architecture, for manual & automated Test Cases/Scripts, insure the performance of manual & automated Test Executions, capture & document test results, facilitate test data analysis, provide for accurate reporting of test status to project managers, synchronize defects tracked in QC with SAP Service Desk Requests and facilitate management of quality metrics with best industry practice Key Process Indicatorís via the Quality Center Dashboard.


SAP Testing Accelerators provide accelerated SAP testing development through the utilization of a component/object based approach for automated test scripts, based upon expert definitions of SAP business processes. Automated Test Scripts are assembled from packaged reusable components thus providing easier test composition for Subject Matter experts and reduced Test Script development/maintenance hours during SAP implementation/upgrade projects.


SAP Performance Center from HP: Can be utilized to provide SAP Performance Testing that includes: Volume Tests, Stress Tests, Printing Tests, Fax Tests, Email Tests, Network/Infrastructure Tests, System Administration Tests, Backup Procedure Tests, Restore Procedure Tests, Disaster Recovery Tests and Performance Monitoring of the production environment.


We offering below SAP Testing Services to Customers:


      • SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (SAP TAO)
      • SAP TAO Project Support to Clients
      • SAP Solution Manager for SAP TAO
      • SAP TAO Trainings
      • SAP Automation Projects Support
      • Framework Development based on Client Requirements
      • Automation Framework Development for QTP
      • Automation Testing Resources Providing
      • SAP Manual Testing
      • Work from HOME Projects
      • HP QTP Projects with SAP, Oracle, Java, .Net
      • SAP TAO Resources outsourcing
      • QTP Resources outsourcing
      • Corporate Trainings on Various Automation Tools
      • Automation Tools Training and Support


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